RIVIERA Beach Bag in Pink Cotton and Simili Leather - Isotherm compartment - Large

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RIVIERA beach bag line has been created for the family and all the people who would like to protect their sun-cream, snacks or bottle of water away from UVA Xray.

Our beach-bag has a cooler compartment to offer you a special pocket where to keep protected sensitive UV products.

With his convenient large size, you will be able to carry all your essentials as your beach towels, magazines, water spray and as well as your snacks or bottle of water…

Very easy to fold, you will be able to carry it within your suitcase when travelling away.

With his internal zipped pocket and his distinctive handles in “A” shape, you will be able to carry RIVIERA by hand or on your shoulder to give you full autonomy when needed.

This summer practicality blends with style !


Creator Alexandra Issab wanted to give a story and a link to its collections by attributing to them 2 distinctive signs contributing to the brand's DNA, besides its logo and visual exterior...

The first distinctive sign of all her bags is her Anch shaped "A" for Alexandra, stitched with a thread of color that will also find on her pockets or sarongs.

The second sign is the inside lining or pocket in bright neon colour as a reminder of the color yarn that contributes to the little Twist she wished to give to her timeless collections.

Beach bag cotton and simili leather

Bright yellow neon Lining: 75% cotton + 25% polyester

Bright Yellow Internal zipped pocket - 75% cotton + 25% polyester (H15cm*L18cm)

Cream Handles (L75cm*l3cm)

External bright Yellow ZIP  (L55cm)

Cooler compartment 100% Synthetic wadding and Aluminium + 100% cotton cream lining (L35cm*H6cm*W19Cm)

4 silver feet of bags 

Internal Logo Alexandra Issab on Natural leather (L6cm*l2.5cm)

External Issab Logo on simili leather and yellow serigraphy - Diameter 10cm


Dimensions: L50cm*H40cm*W19cm

Product care

We recommend you:

Hand wash only. Don't use any bleach product.

For any stains - use clean water with natural soap and wait until your bag is fully dry.

Avoid too humid, warm or cold places to stock your bag when you don't use it.

Avoid contacts with sun cream, body oil, make-up, fragrances or any substances that could damage your fabric/bag.


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