My Story...

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Alexandra Roux-Bassi founder of the brand Alexandra Issab started her professional career in the banking sector after studying Finance at the Sorbonne. It is after a stay in the United States that she decided in 2001, to leave to take a chance in New York to discover and acquire an experience in the luxury world. 

From this experience, her love for fashion, accessories and travel will guide her to various “Maisons” and countries such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Ralph Lauren in London and Brussels or Joseph in Paris. 

In 2016, Alexandra returned to France after more than 15 years abroad and decided to take off by creating her own brand Alexandra Issab. 

Timeless, Universal and Functional, her accessories reflect her personality and her lifestyle "The Luxury of Simplicity". 

From singular cuts and premium raw materials, Alexandra strives to highlight French and European know-how through the design and shaping of its models.