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Shristi association a CSO/NGO was borned for a passion for children with special needs by 3 women special educators: Meena Jain, Sharon Watts, Suchita Somashekar dedicated to unabling self-reliance and improving the quality of life of individuals with intellectual disability as autism, cerebral palsy (...)from infancy to adulthood.  

80% of their beneficiaries enrolled into the program, belong to lower economic groups. 

Shristi has multidisciplinary specialists as educators, therapists, physio speech, psychologists, in order to provide and cover all needs for the families and their children.

Shristi Academy has shared its learning at the National and International level and is recognized Training Center for institutions in its field of mental health, child health and special education. 


Their mission is to empower persons with disabilities to access interventions and rehabilitations services to promote maximum confidence and independance.